#1 Departure - storytelling spatial installation

Performance, Installation // 2019 // Cooncept, Text and Make: YiLing Hung, Storyteller: Ashi Khan, Maru Panczuch, Melissa Prado, Romney Cheng // Wageningen, the Netherlands // Project supported by Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation and Wageningen Initiative Fund

Photo: Sara Pacheco, YiLing Hung
Living in a highly globalised modern world, “migrating” is not as rare and difficult as it was in the past. The core concept of this project is trying to reflect on the experiences of expats who relocated themselves to the Netherlands have been through. Everyone left home and relocated themselves to the Netherlands, all the expats have experienced departing from homelands. The leaving home can be emotional, sad or difficult, however it can also be exciting, encouraging and full of hope. Through this production #1 Departure, together with the participants --- both participated performers and the audiences, we will address the question: What is “DEPARTURE” about? During the working process, I closely work together with each of the 4 storytellers who are internationals living in the Netherlands. Their personal stories are all having four parts: the why (of moving to here), the home, the journey and the landing/arrival.

As a scenographer, I develop the spatial concept at the very beginning --- an installation with four rooms which have openings that allow audience to walk through. In each show, the audience will be divided into four groups. and change to another room when the story is entering to next chapter. The whole experience is designed as if the audience are going on a trip: they get their tickets at a reception table, they enter the installation when it's the borading time, they are guided to move to the next stop (the next room) and the experience ends with "thank you for travelling with us..., wish you have a good day".

This is the first project that I try to be the director/scenographer/facilitator, instead of the performer. This experience is very precious that I learned to explain the concept and give the instructions to the storytellers, but at the same time, leave space for them to create and make decision.