Living Theatre: Performance In Everyday Life

Interactive Installation // 2019 // Cooncept, Text and Make: YiLing Hung, Voice Over: Annelies van Wijk // Diepenheim, the Netherlands // Participation in Heimland Festival 2019

Photo: YiLing Hung
Listen to Story 1
Listen to Story 2
LIsten to Story 3
Have you ever noticed that the performances are actually happening around us in any moment every day? A piece of newspaper is flying through the plaza, a little kid is petting a dog or dried leaves are falling from the tree, all these events contain their own performative potentialities. Although the everyday events can easily be ignored by us, if we look at them focusly through different lenses, we can have new discoveries from our daily life.

The goal of this performative and interactive work is to provide the ‘new lenses’ for the visitors (who are passersby in public space) through which they can look at their living environment in a fresh perspective. Three installations which are designed in the form of wathcing booths, are placed in the town center of Diepenheim. Each booth is accessible for one person per time, once the visitor steps into the booth, a motion-sensor mp3 player is going to be triggered and play a 10-minute story. The story is a fictional person describing her observation of the chosen site. Through the story, the visitor can look at the surrounding from someone's perspective.

Performance is everywhere around us in our daily life, what we need is find a way to discover them.