The Rolling Food Project: 24 Chieh-Chi Dishes for the City Athens

Collaborative Residency Project // 2019 // Co-maker: ChingYu Cheng // Athens, Greece // Host by Victoria Square Project Athens

Photo: Francesca Della Seta ; The online recipe: Link
Our Taiwanese social network are strongly connected with food. “Eating” is so important for us that we even say “Are you full? (the same meaning as 'have you eaten yet?')” to greet friends, families or even strangers. A micro-society is being generated through eating and sharing foods with others, it is part of Taiwanese culture. The project we’d like to conduct in VSP is to generate social engagements and dialogues among people from different cultures.

People in ancient China used a type of calendar called Solar Terms as an indication for planting, harvesting, and fishing. According to this calendar, there are 24 Solar Terms in a year. We eat certain special dishes which are corresponded to the 24 terms. These dishes usually have functions: such as resisting the coldness, cooling down your body or helping for digestion due to the warmth etc. In our proposed project, we will select 24 Chinese dishes from each Solar Term, replacing the ingredients by local Greek ones. The process of looking for local ingredients and making food is as equally important as the outcome, and archiving the process (by graphic/video/photography/audio) is part of the outcome that is representable.

On the weekends during the residency, we want to present in the Laiki Farmers' Market to talk with the public about this project and serve the food what we've created during that week. At the location of VSP, we will also organize some events like “open studio” to invite people for sharing, tasting and making the food with us.

In this project, we work as duo, but each of us will take different responsibilities and tasks. Yiling will work more on the content and context of the project, and Chingyu will take charge in the visual sector, including the design for promotion material, graphics, design for the food cart and so on.

We plan to continue this project in different cities and countries. All the research, video/audio/visual recording and the created recipes will be uploaded to online platform. Hopefully we can share about the concept of “Jieh-Qi” diet and using local and seasonal ingredients to the world.
台灣人是一種顯性以食物或是群體共同進食鏈結起社交網絡的群族,吃這件事對我們的重要性可以以一 句平常人與人之間的基本問候概括解釋 “你吃飽了沒?”,無論在問候朋友,家人甚至陌生人。一個微型的社會 透過吃,與人分享食物而建立,這種社交關係連結的產生無疑是我們文化的一部分。這次我們想要在維多利雅廣 場希臘雅典藝術駐村(以下簡稱 VSP)所執行的計畫主要就是透過吃這個文化去涉入兩種不同的地域(社會) 進而產生對話與交流。

遠老中國古代使用一種特殊的曆法來指導在合宜的時間執行農耕,收耕及漁業,而在這以年為刻度的曆法 包含了二十四個時節與氣候。同時有合宜的菜餚是對應在這二十四個節氣裡而來烹煮進食的,這些菜餚的存在 都是有功能性的,像是為了驅寒,避暑,幫助消化等等。在我們的提案中我們會依二十四節氣選出二十四道菜出來 做,用希臘當地的食材替代。在希臘雅典當地找尋適當食材的過程被我們視為和提案最終成果有同等的重要性,這 些過程(可以是錄像,攝影,繪畫,聲音等等)會被我們紀錄建檔成為我們藝術創作的一部分。

駐村期間的週末,我們提議在駐村單位社區附近的 “Laiki 農市集” 當作我們對外宣傳我們計劃的基地,去 與希臘雅典當地人接觸交流建立網絡, 也可以同時有試吃的活動,參與更新我們每個禮拜駐村的進展成果。週末 或是週間在 VSP 的空間也會以開放工作室”open studio”的概念持續舉辦活動去邀請當地居民來參觀我們的 工作室,一同分享食物,試吃或是和我們一起下廚。

在這個提案裏我們會是以雙人組合模式創作,但是分別會有不同的任務和責任需要執行。宜伶會偏向在 提案內容本身,而晴育則會處理幕後的視覺設計,像是活動的文宣,平面設計以及之後的紀錄建檔成創作的一部分等等。

我們預計未來將會在不同城市不同國家繼續這項計畫,並且將所有過程研究、影音紀錄以及創作出來 的食譜上傳至網路平台。期望能將我們節氣飲食及食用當季當地食材的概念傳播出去。