Living Theatre: Performance In Everyday Life

Interactive Installation // 2019 // Concept, Text and Make: YiLing Hung, Voice Over: Robin Verhij // Ede, the Netherlands // Participation in Popup Festival Ede 2019

Have you ever noticed the performances that are actually happening around us in any moment every day? A piece of newspaper is flying through the plaza, a little kid is petting a dog or dried leaves are falling from the tree, all these events contain their own performative potentialities.

In this project, I build three spatial installations in the city Ede. The visitors can listen to a ficitional person describing her observation of the city Ede. Each installation allows only one-person to enter each time, while listening to the story, the visitor can look at the selected street view through a window.

Through this installation, I want to create a shift between everyday life and performative events.
Photo: Elena San Pietrini ; YiLing Hung
Video: Link
Story 1
Story 2
Story 3