It is moving on / It is vanishing

Performance in public space // Water, Painting Roll // 2018 // Popup Festival Ede 2018 // Ede, the Netherlands

Een Gedicht:

Hij komt weer
Met de zon, de bloemen, de vogels en de diertjes erbij
Laten we buiten genieten
Laten we de mooie lente samen vieren
It is moving on / It is vanishing
Photo: Esther Meijer
I dress like a painter, a construction worker and paint a poem with water on the ground through the city centre of Ede.

I want to talk about time through this work --- Time is moving on/ Time is vanishing. Water is chosen to be the performative element physicalising my view on time. The performance had taken place in May, the temperature was around 25ºC. While writing (or more precisely, painting) the poem, the words evaporated and faded away slowly. As the consequence of the natural phenomenon of evaporation, people could only read part of the poem and they need to fill the bland themselves by putting their own words/sentences. So that they can construct the fragments of words into meaningful sentences.

To get the “correct” meaning of the poem is not the goal of the performance, but to experience the performativity of elements and actions is.