Installation, Performance // Polycarbonate Sheet, Garden Rope, Greenhouse // 2017-2018 // Maker-in Residence // RAUM, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Photo: YiLing Hung
Leidsche Rijn is a newly developed area at the western Utrecht. This is an artist-in-residency project. I spent a whole month, standing on the balcony of the cultural foundation RAUM to record the changing skylines everyday at the same time.

There are some critical thoughts behind the action of recording skylines. We, the humanbeings are asking a lot from the nature. As there are more and more people moving to the cities, we need more houses. Yes, in the newly built area, there are parks being built. However, it is not nature anymore, it is articificial green places. People think our need should be at the first place and our power can rule and shape the environment. This critical reflection can be traced in the material that I use for the work. In this project, the skylines are recorded on transparent PVC sheets by gardening ropes. After the recording, the sheets are hung inside a small greenhouse (inside which are covered with soil on the ground). Why greenhouse? The reason why people use greenhouse is because people want to grow certain crops against the natural order — for example: grow tropical crops in temperate regions.

The making of this project can be perceived as a performance: the repetitive action of recording the skylines is taken place at the same time everyday for a whole month.