Installation // Ropes, Salt, Almanak2017 // 2017 // Werk aan de Winkel // Den Helder, the Netherlands

This project is part of a long-term exhibition program "Werk Aan de Winkel" which is initiated by Kunsthal 45. The concept of Werk Aan de Winkel is to fill the unused / empty shop space in the city centre of Den Helder with artistic works in any type of forms.

The title TIJ(D) is a combination of two words: TIJ (Tide 潮汐) and TIJD (Time 時間). Located along the coast, Den Helder is a city which has a strong connection with the sea. In this project, I transform the local tide calendar Almanak into a spatial installation --- formed by 124 white ropes which connect “dates (on the floor, at the front side of the shop)” and “a 24-hour clock (painted on the wall, at the back side of the shop)”. Each date has two ropes to represent the hight tide and the low tide.

Time, in this way, is not only experienceable but also visible.