Performative Presentation // Multi-Media // 2016 // Make Space HKU Expo2016 // Utrecht, the Netherlands

Photo: YiLing Hung, Lea Groeliker
According Plato, Khôra means space, it does not necessarily means the actual/physical space that you and I are being in at this moment, but also the space between a thing is presented and is perceived/experienced by you. It is a space existing in our perception, no actual shape and can’t be seen, but possible to be expereinced.

I transform my Master research into a spatial installation and through a performative presentation during the exhibition, I talk about my research to the audience and also, have conversation with them.

The research is very focused on analysing performative artworks - of my own and other artists'. I developed an analytical quadrant as a tool to help me study on “(real and fictive) time” and “(human and non-human) performer” in performative works. You can visit the artistic document via here.