In Between Instants

Installation Performance // Animation, Audio // 2016 // Makersdag 2016, Het Huis // Utrecht, the Netherlands

I was inspired by the book The Inhuman: Reflections on Time, written by the Postmodern philosopher Jean François Lyotard.

When a thought comes into my mind, do I “create” this thought? Or the shapeless thought comes to me and express itself through me? Or there are actually hundreds of thousands thoughts floating in the air, and I grasp one of them at the right place and the right moment? I don't intend to debate these philosophical questions through this work and find an answer, but rather take these questions as inspirations.

This is an (spatial) installation project, but also a performance — depending on how you look at it. The space is decorated as a bedroom, I positioned myself in the bed with closed eyes as if I am sleeping. Nothing is moving or changing , except a projected shadow slowly changed its position and shape during the performance. Through a set of surrounded speakers, the “thought” is talking, to the audience, telling them “thoughts” are out there among human and are being generated (by thoughts themselves) constantly. In between instants, there can be hundreds of thousands of thoughts passing by/through us.