Urban Gallery

Participatory Project // A Walk // 2014 // Utrecht, the Netherlands

A gallery is a place hosts art works. But then what is an art work? Of course we cannot deny oil paintings or sculptures must have their own places in the category of art works, however for me, an art work is defined by the viewer and it can be very subjective. So, an object can be an art work, an event can be an art work, a scenery in our daily environment can be an art work. And the last one becomes the concept of this project Urban gallery.

I chose a parking lot to be the gallery and I provide each of the participants a “watching box”. There are openings on the box which people can see through it. These openings are designed as photo frames, so that when people see through it, their view will be framed in a certain way.

In this Urban Gallery project, the participants can freely explore their own “art works” in this parking lot building with a guiding map in hand.


我也提供他們一張藝廊地圖,邀請他們自由的移動,以他們的方式及步調尋找這「 都市藝廊」中的藝術作品。