Building a World By Picking Words

Public Participation // Card, Books // 2014 // Umea, Sweden

This is still an on-going project.

These cards are hidden inside random books in multiple public libraries. I invite the public who found these cards to take part in the project. I ask people to send me through email those words which are “marked” by this card from the book they are reading. I want to use the words sent from participants to create a fictional story.

I am in the process of making a newer version of this project. The following questions are waiting to be answered:
“Am I allowed to leave these cards in the book from public libraries? Probably not. So how can I find places to ‘host’ this project?”
“How to stimulate the public’s interest in participating?”
“What can be another possible artistic form as the outcome, instead of writing a fiction?”

I hope in the coming year, the upgraded version of this project can be realised.



「在沒有通知館方的情況下,在公有圖書館留下這樣的卡片是合法的嗎? 我想在大部份的城市/國家,都是不被允許的。那麼我該如何找到適合的場所來支持此計畫?」