Feng-Cha / A Tea House

Installation // Wood, Candle Light, Tea, Teapot // 2013 // Umea, Sweden

Feng-Cha is a custom which represents the hospitability of the Taiwanese culture. In the old time, the distance between two villages were quit far and cars or schooters were not invent yet, people had to walk or use carts pulled by bulls or horses to travel. Sometimes it was not easy to find water, especially in the hot summer, therefore some households would prepare a teapot filled with tea or water outside of their own house, and serve to the passers-by for free. This custom still exists in current Taiwan.

I built a small teapot house in the wood. The tea is heated by candle light. This Feng-Cha stand serves only one person each time, but the person is invited to renew the tea for the coming guest.