Alley's Daily Life

On-site Installation // Video // 2010 // Taipei, Taiwan

This is a site located in Taipei city Taiwan, a very typical kind of residential area in Taiwan which is highly intergrated with commercial function. This passage is an entry for people who live in the apartment building, also a passage for passers-by, a parking space for scooters and at certain time, the sitting area for street food stalls.

In architectural field, we use drawings and models to embody a space. However drawings and models cannot fully represent a real spatial experience, experiencing a space is sensational and subjective.

Through this installation work, I attemp to visualize the liquidity of the border between public and private space at this specific site. The border is constantly changing every moment every day. My method is through an on-site video installation: overlapping a video recording of the space with the actual space. The video records the events happen ing throughout the whole day and is screened on two translucent pieces of textile. The total length of the video is about 20 minutes.