Furniture Design

Customizing your indoor furnitures: a table, a wardrobe, a lamp and more


Graphic Design

Making unique designs for your logo, flyers, brochures or visual material for social media


2D/3D Drawing

Transfering images or drawings into digital format, both 2D and 3D, using AutoCAD, Vectorworks and SketchUp


Workshop '3D Modelling in SketchUp'

Would you like to learn how to build 3D models? Laboratelier is now offering 3D modelling courses for beginners. In a series of 3 workshops you will acquire all basic skills needed for building your 3D models. The groupsize is limited to 3 participants

Contact us for more information.

Charge for the Service

Laboratelier charges the fees per project. If you contact us with your request so that we can discuss and evalaute the project and offer you a price quotation

Workshop fees '3D Modelling in SketchUp': 45 euros for 3 x 1,5hour sessions ; one session per week ; Up to 3 participants per group