To bridge desgin, art and everyday life is the most important mission of Laboratelier. We believe art and design are accessible to everybody and everyone can create their own artworks. Because we believe "creating" or "making" is also a way to express yourself, not different from talking and writing.

We see Laboratelier not as a closed art studio, but an opened community, a platform for cross-disciplinary makers and researchers and a place to involve with public through making arts or artistic activities.

LABORATELIER is founded by YiLing Hung, who comes from Taiwan and living in the Netherlands. She has experienced the differences of both cultures and is also aware that she is developing a "third culture" which is a hybrid from Taiwanese and Dutch culture. This personal experience encourages her to devote on bridging the two cultures.

What we also believe is that through physical real experience we can get a deeper understanding of the topics. We are facing numbers of issues nowadays, such as global warming, migrant dilema or unbalanced resources, we support the idea that if we can be more aware of our own life/surrounding/food/etc. we can already help for some of the issues.

The topics we involve with:

Cultural Difference, Everyday Life, Globalization, Handicraft, History, Intervention, Interactive Element, Social Interaction, Space, Performative, Public Space, Public Participation, Technology, Time-based, Urban Development

Our Approach

。Involve with the local industries and share it through different medium

。Give workshops to the public (with all ages) and students

。Make artistic works by responding to open calls

。Cooperate with local shops/people who hae certain skills

。Provide design service

。Do researches on the involed topics